Council's Economic Development Program

Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Branch is guided by Moreland’s Economic Development Strategy 2011 – 16.

Economic Development Vision

"By 2016, the City of Moreland will have a sustainable economy where local enterprise is supported; where job growth and local employment opportunities exceed the metropolitan average, where the natural environment is not compromised by economic growth, where appropriate investment is welcomed and facilitated and where local businesses are capable of succeeding in the global market place."

Key Goals

The Moreland Economic Development Strategy provides a framework for the economic development program and its partners to lead the Moreland community towards:

Goal 1: Increase local job opportunities for resident workforce
Measure - Increased local employment ratio to 0.60 by 2016.

Goal 2: Increase the economic output of local business.
Measure - Increased percentage share of Gross Regional Product generated by business and industry within Melbourne's North to 10 per cent by 2016.

Goal 3: Increase quality investment in the public and private realm.
Measure - Increase in Moreland's percentage share of capital investment in inner Melbourne to 15 per cent by 2016.

Goal 4: Unemployment rate below the metropolitan average with a reduction in unemployment rates in each of Moreland's SLA's.
Measure - Reduction in unemployment in Moreland to below the Melbourne metropolitan average by 2016.

Strategic Directions

The following five strategic directions guide Council's economic development efforts:

Strategy 1.0 Leadership and Policy
Strategy 2.0 Business Support
Strategy 3.0 Investment and Jobs Attraction
Strategy 4.0 Place Making and Activation
Strategy 5.0 Workforce Development

Key objectives and proposed actions make up each of these our strategic directions. The Economic Development Strategy will be flexible in its delivery and include an annual assessment of these objectives and actions depending on the specific issues impacting the community at the time.

The Moreland City Council Economic Development Strategy 2011 – 2016 can be viewed here.