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The Glenroy Structure Plan is Council's primary planning document it will use to engage key partners and developers to help the community realise its vision.

Building on the strong sense of community and vibrant village shopping precinct, Moreland have established the Glenroy Structure Plan - a blueprint for the future planning, land-use and development for the precinct.

Glenroy is a place with a strong sense of community. The people are friendly and the community has a strong record of community contribution in making the suburb a pleasant and attractive place in which to live, work, run a business, raise a family and reside in retirement. Glenroy's location, 12 kilometres from Melbourne's CBD and within zone 1 on the metropolitan train line, as well as its relative affordability, make it a prime place to live.

The Vision:

Glenroy will develop as a vibrant, well-connected and attractive centre that welcomes people of all ages, cultures and incomes. It will be a prosperous and sustainable centre that offers a range of opportunities for the community to live, learn, work, shop, meet and relax.

For more information visit Council's website or contact Council's Place Manager for Glenroy, Anne Thomas on 9240 1111