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Coburg's highly strategic location in Melbourne's north, just 8km from the CBD, combined with its good public transport links, strong community and business networks and the Coburg Initiative's integrated approach to urban regeneration, offers an unparalleled opportunity to create a sustainable city that truly builds the local community.

In 2006 Moreland City Council adopted the Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan in response to Coburg's status as the Principal Activity Centre for Moreland. The vision and the subsequent work outlined within the Structure Plan marked the beginning of Moreland City Council's flagship urban renewal project - The Coburg Initiative (TCI). In December 2010 Council adopted the 'Colours of Coburg' Place Framework and 4 supporting Strategies which provide the direction for the next 20 years of Coburg, and establish new benchmarks in creating place and economic activity in Melbourne's northern gateway city, some of which include:

  • 9,805 new jobs for Central Coburg
  • 356,836m2 increased floor area, and
  • 5,800 new dwellings.

As landowner of 12.75 hectares of land in the heart of Central Coburg, Moreland City Council is able to contribute to the development momentum, act in the interests of the wider community to negotiate with the private sector to seek a win-win outcome for both, demonstrate commitment to the delivery of the TCI program and deliver community benefits that will leave a legacy for the future generations.

The vision for Coburg is 'Central Coburg develops as the prime shopping, living, employment and activity precinct in Moreland. The centre is transformed into an attractive system of streets and spaces. Central Coburg becomes a sought-after living environment offering a range of housing choices, including high density housing. Most people arrive at the centre on foot, by bike or public transport. The provision of a range of services enables people to conduct a number of different activities on one trip. Central Coburg is linked with networks of green space.'

For more information visit Council's website or contact the Council's Place Manager for Coburg, Michael Wade on 9240 1111.