Disability Access

Good Access is Good BusinessGood Access is Good Business

Nearly one in five Australians has a disability. Over 22,000 of those people are residents of Moreland.

Who benefits from good access?

Good access benefits all people, but especially those who:

  • Have difficulties moving and may use a wheelchair, electric scooter, walking frame or crutches
  • Are blind or deaf or have some trouble seeing or hearing
  • Have difficulties reaching and holding things
  • Find it hard to speak, understand, or need to rest often due to illness or injury
  • Have young children, prams or strollers, heavy bags or shopping jeeps.

How you can make your business more accessible?

Improving access does not have to be expensive. Council has produced a Good Access is Good Business guide with practical tips for your business.

To download the guide, please click on the following links:

Good Access is Good Business Guide

Good Access is Good Business - Additional Information for Small Business 

MetroAccess program is a partnership between the Department of Human Services and local government that aims to make Moreland more welcoming and inclusive for people with a disability.

For more information contact Council's MetroAccess Officer on 9240 2469 or email our MetroAccess Officer.