Green your business

Creating Environmentally Sustainable Businesses

Operating a sustainable business doesn't just provide environmental benefits.  While a sustainable business will help combat climate change and reduce waste and water consumption, it will also provide a number of other benefits and opportunities for your business.

Reducing operating costs

Energy and water consumption and waste collection all form a significant part of business expenditure.  Taking measures to reduce resource use will save your business.

Improve business image and access the green market

Demonstrating that your business is environmentally responsible is a great way to separate your business from an often crowded market.  Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impacts associated with their consumer choices and a business that shows that it is environmentally sustainable will stand out from the crowd.

Increasingly, larger companies and government bodies are factoring the supply chain into their own environmental performance.  A business that can demonstrate its sustainable credentials is better positioned to meet these sustainability requirements and tap into these markets.

Engage staff

Looking for ways to improve the environmental performance of your business is a great way to engage staff and provide opportunities for them to broaden their knowledge and skills.  This can also help with staff retention and team morale.

Resources to help you make your business more sustainable

There are a number of programs and resouces that can help you create a more sustainable business.

Moreland Energy Foundation

In 2009, Council established the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL) to work with the Moreland community to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

MEFL are located at the Brunswick Town Hall and are responsible for community climate action programs in Moreland.

On a day to day basis MEFL work with households, businesses and the wider Moreland community to reduce wasteful energy use and save money on power bills.

If you would like to know more see their website or call them on 9385 8585.

Environmentally Sustainable Development

The Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) team is responsible for development and implementation of plans, policies, strategies and assessments to facilitate environmental sustainability at Council.  They are responsible for a number of key iniatives including:

  • Improving the energy efficiency and increasing sustainable local energy generation of Council buildings/precintcs to tackle climate change;
  • Developing and implementing projects that improve the quality of water entering waterways from within Moreland; and
  • Provision of ESD engineering assessment and advice for Council projects or planning permit applications/planning scheme amendments.

To find out more ways to save water and reduce pollutant levels entering the drains or if you a considering a renovation and want to improve the environmental performance of your building contact Council's ESD team on 9240 1111.

Zero Carbon Moreland

Zero Carbon Moreland is a program set up by the Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL) to assist the Moreland resident and business community in reducing their carbon footprint.  Businesses are encouraged to get involved and support this important community initiative and help reduce their greenhouse emissions.

If your own or manage a business in Moreland, then you may receive great benefits by joining the Zero Carbon Moreland program.  MEFL will assist you to reduce your carbon emissions and save money by providing: free expert advice, developing an action plan, providing information about the latest environmental rebates, plus access to resources and training services.

Your business will also be promoted through the Zero Carbon Moreland communications program raising your profile through the local community.

Contact Zero Carbon Moreland via Email or on 9385 8585 to find out more.

Grow Me The Money

Grow Me The Money is a program set up by the Victoria Government and run in conjunction with the Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Victoria. It provides assistance to Victorian businesses to help them reduce their environmental impact and reduce bills.  The program offers web based toold and forums as well as a help desk and other support to participating businesses.

Sustainability Victoria

Sustainability Victoria is a State Government organisation responsible for promoting responsible resource use and reducing environmental impacts in the community  They provide a range of resources including the Resource Smart business program, which offers advice for businesses wanting to adopt more sustainable practices.