Shopping Strip Renewal Program

Shopfront Improvement Program

What is the Shopfront Improvement program?

This exciting program is an initiative funded by Moreland City Council aimed at improving the visual presentation of shopfronts and encouraging more customers to the shopping strip.
Council has appointed shopfront and visual merchandising consultants from Pop Creative Collective to engage and assist with preparing designs and recommendations for eligible participants. During the consultation, a brief will be developed aimed at improving the presentation of your shopfront through improved window displays and signage.

What does the program involve?

One-on-one consultation with a design professional from Pop Creative Collective to a value of $1800 which includes consultation,
design, quote sourcing and project management.
During this consultation, a brief will be developed for your unique shopfront concept and design.
This may include a new logo designed for your business that will then be translated into a suite of signage designs.
Our consultants will help you source quotes for any proposed improvements.
Up to $500 worth of implementation is included. This may be used towards professionally applied signage or painting works.
Contribute $100 to the professional design of your shopfront and access up to $500 towards the implementation of your shopfront upgrades.

Who is eligible for this program?

Any current business trading in the Bonwick Street Shopping Precinct (including Jukes Road, McDougall Street and Co-Op Lane).
Franchise businesses are not eligible for the Shopfront Improvement program.

How do I participate?

Is your business ready for a shopfront visual makeover? Applications must be
received soon. Be quick, there are limited places available.
For more information call 9240 1111.

Application form available here.

Fill out the Shopfront Improvement application form and send via email to or by post to:

Hayley Rosenboom,
Retail Facilitation Officer
Moreland City Council
90 Bell Street, Coburg, VIC 3058

Moreland is a lively and enduring place for business and investment.  In recognising the valuable role played by shopping strips, Council has adopted a progressive renewal policy.  

In August, Council agreed to contribute to the long term sustainability of 52 neighbourhood and convenience shopping strips across Moreland by implementing a shopping strip renewal program.

The program is designed to increase business activity across the municipality by improving strips with new footpaths, lighting, trees, street furniture, public art and better parking within our local shopping strips.  

The retail sector in Moreland provides direct employment for nearly 4,000 people and outputs approximately $377 million in gross revenue.  It also accounts for around 13 per cent of all jobs in the municipality.

As well as progressively undertaking physical improvements, Council will assist local businesses with business development and marketing support.  The renewal program will also help boost new business, provide job opportunities and encourage quality investment.

These local shopping strips play a key role in local employment generation, small business incubation and start up opportunities.  Importantly they provide us with access to goods, services and community facilities.  When money is spent locally it is also more likely to stay in the local community as locally owned businesses tend to support and donate to local charities, schools and sporting groups as well as employing local people. 

This is an innovative program which emphasises and promotes a partnership based approach to shopping strip improvements, bringing together key players, including customers, in order to determine the future directions of any strip. 

This is just one of the many exciting changes that are taking place in Moreland, which will deliver a supportive and vibrant local economy.