Shopping Strip Renewal Program

Shopfront Improvement Program

What is the Shopfront Improvement program?
The shopfront is often the customer’s first interaction with a ‘bricks and mortar’ business - either before or after an online experience.

With this in mind, the shopfront serves multiple purposes as it can determine whether a shop can be located, is appealing enough for a customer to enter, has an engaging display of wares to entice or arouse well as contributing to the overall presentation and perception of a mainstreet or shopping precinct.

The Shopfront Improvement Program is an exciting program funded by Moreland City Council, aimed at improving the visual presentation of shopfronts and the overall look and feel of shopping strips.
Council has appointed shopfront and visual merchandising consultants from Pop Creative Collective to engage and assist with preparing designs and recommendations for eligible participants


The “Shopfront Improvement” program aims to achieve the following:

• One-on-one consultation with participating businesses to develop an achievable shopfront design that fits in with individual business budgets;

• New branding/identity for each participating business to use in their updated shopfronts and for future web/social media marketing of their business;

• A hands-on approach for an ‘instant’ makeover where some of the implementation costs are subsidised through the program;

• Consistent quality of signage to be demonstrated through the participating businesses;

• Overall improvement throughout the shopping precinct if a high uptake of the program is achieved.


What does the program involve?

• A one-on-one consultation with the business owner to determine any shopfront issues that could be improved through simple, cost-effective actions.

• 3 x visits to ensure the designs are in line with aspirations and budgets;

 • Recommendations for improving the physical shopfront which includes shop facade upgrades, paint recommendations with reference to colours, signage design, entry point displays and window display strategies (where applicable);

• Full colour illustrations of proposed designs submitted to businesses; 

• Supply of all graphic artwork generated as final art to the business owner or contractor/supplier doing the works. 

• Our contractor will source relevant quotes and manage the implementation of shopfront designs.  $1000* value per business towards implementation and the balance is the responsibility of the business owner. Traders have the discretion to use their own suppliers/contractors if they choose not to use ours. *This value goes towards any visible shopfront improvement works including painting, new signage, or window displays. Traders will not be reimbursed this amount. The funds will be paid directly to the supplier delivering the works and where the quoted fee for works exceeds this amount, the business owner will be responsible for the balance.

• Businesses participating in the Shopfront Improvement Program are required to contribute a fee of $200.


Who is eligible for this program?
Any current business trading in the Holmes/Nicholson/Moreland Road Shopping Precinct. Franchise businesses are not eligible for the Shopfront Improvement program. Businesses participating in the Shopfront Improvement Program are required to contribute a fee of $200.


How do I participate?
For more information please contact:

Hayley Rosenboom,
Retail Facilitation Officer
phone 9240 2462 or email

Limited places available.
Application form available here.