Toolkit for Smaller Strip Shopping Centres in Moreland

Why the toolkit?

This toolkit has been designed to help businesses in local strip shopping centres work with their neighbours, community and partners to create great local places, with a unique look, renowned customer service, and a strong connection with the local area.
It is the intention of this toolkit to inspire positive change by providing a simple guiding framework and a set of tools to guide that change.


The origin of this toolkit stems from Moreland City Council's Shopping Strip Renewal Policy developed in 2011. Council's vision for vibrant local shopping strips is supported by its Shopping Strip Renewal Policy, the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) and the Moreland Economic Development Strategy, all of which aim to foster a more socially and environmentally just and sustainable city.

The Shopping Strip Renewal Policy and associated program guides the delivery of Council services and programs to the city's smaller shopping strips across the municipality. To develop this toolkit, Council has utilised internal and external expertise, and its consultants met with local business owners, visited many of Moreland's shopping strips, spent time researching and analysing these centres and engaged with members of the community.

Download the toolkit here and for more information contact Council's Retail Facilitation Officer, Hayley Rosenboom on 9240 1111 or

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