Business Associations

A Business or Trader Association is a group of business owners and operators in a shopping strip or centre who join together through incorporation to represent the broad collective interests of the business community. In Moreland, there are two established business associations:

- Coburg Traders Association
- Sydney Road Brunswick Association

Associations work in partnership with Council and are managed by an elected Executive Committee of Management which is accountable to its members. Associations exist to provide leadership, direction and guidance for businesses.

Business associations are a great way for businesses in shopping strips to work together on joint marketing and promotions, raise issues with Council, develop long term plans and strategies, or just provide support to each other. It is more cost-effective to promote an entire centre than individual businesses. There are many ways to market and promote your shopping strip, including funding schemes to support the ongoing marketing and promotion of a centre, ideas for festivals and events to attract new customers, or even training and seminars to help business owners.

Each association is directed by a business plan and regular meetings of members. They also produce regular newsletters that advise their members of current events and advocate on their behalf on local and municipal-wide matters.

If you would like to know more about your local business association or are interested in establishing one in your centre, contact Council's Economic Development Unit on 9240 1111 or email Council.

Coburg Traders Association

PO Box 32
Jason Sennitt, President
Silvana Troiani, Co-ordinator
Mobile: 0417 313 423
Phone: 9383 1488
Fax: 9383 1433

Sydney Road Brunswick Association

PO Box 770
Vicki Likoudis, President
Claire Perry, Centre Manager
Phone: 9380 2005
Fax: 9380 4930

Sydney Road Brunswick